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“My Son and I”

Today is our son Matthew’s birthday! Our world is a better place because of Matt. Those of you that know him, know what I mean. In Matt’s world you can never have too many hugs. Every morning should start with … Continue reading

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“In My Daughter’s Eyes”

Today is Amanda’s birthday. Amanda has the most beautiful eyes. Her eyes are the window to her soul.  I have seen her eyes laugh and cry, fill with love and tears, shine with excitement or darken with despair. They reflect … Continue reading

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“You Are The Sunshine of My Life”

Life is all about surprises. And sometimes these surprises bring sunshine with them. She flew half way around the world to come home and have her first and then her second baby. These two little sisters are pure sunshine. Just … Continue reading

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“The Best Day”

How would you describe your best day? For me… its spending time with kids. I spent a wonderful afternoon with these two! They climbed and played on the wall, ran through the leaves, and discovered something new in every leaf … Continue reading

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Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)

When a child is born, our entire world has to shift and make room for this new little person. There are so many things we want to say, but for now… Goodnight my angel, it’s time to sleep And still … Continue reading

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