About Me


Photography is the art of observation.  It is a way of feeling, of touching, and of seeing into the soul of another person.  What you catch in a photograph is captured forever.  It remembers little things and moments after you have forgotten everything.

Stuff About me:
I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. I loved teaching six and seven year olds. These kids made every day an adventure. Daily we explored and discovered new worlds together.
Now I discover the world by “making pictures.”
It’s about discovering something interesting in an ordinary place or in a person’s face. Photography begins with pink flowers, or babies, or kids eating cookies, or cousins climbing on old cars, or sunsets on a beach, or winding country roads, or falling in love or growing old. It begins with the things that matter to you. And it ends with a visual image that captures and conveys that feeling . . .  from the eye to the heart.
I Love:
my family, travelling with my family, hearing kids giggle, the beach, planting flowers, talking with my sister, books, a sunny day, lunch with a good friend, and reading to kids.
Favorite Flower:
roses. My grandma grew them in her garden and they remind me of her.
My Favourite Place:
Tuscany, Italy
Treasure Means To Me:
something I can handpick and I choose my family and friends.
. . . . .and my camera
I Am Inspired By:
the world around me, kids, great photographers and artists, My son’s attitude towards life – when you tell him to have a good day, his reply is “I always have a good day!”

It is one thing to photograph a person.  It is another to make others care about them by revealing the window of their soul . . .